What were you doing on May Day?

Whilst everyone that possibly could was out enjoying the last of what is most likely to be have been our only 3 days of Summer, we were busy at the Thorpe Hesley Trinity Community Centre Spring Fayre. Wow, thats a mouthful! It was a fantastic day full of maypole dancing, face painting, music and laughter.

We were there raising awareness of BALP and also promoting our next show, Abigail’s Party. We also held a raffle with plenty of great prizes up for grabs. However, the boxes of chocolates and bottles of wine all became very insignificant when people saw the top prize. One lucky ticket holder was going to win 4 VIP tickets to see our next show! Separately, the tickets are worth £36 and there we were just giving them away! Needless to say, the interest in our stall was huge and we often had a queue of people lining up to be in the grand prize draw.

The feedback from the families at the fayre was overwhelming and they all said how much they enjoyed watching Abigail’s Party when it was on the TV ( well, not all the families knew what it was, but those of a certain age most definitely did!). They also remarked how wonderful it was that it was going to be performed on stage so close to them. In fact, if everyone who made a note in their diary about the show buys a ticket, we could end up needing more time in the theatre just to let everyone get a chance to see it! It certainly sounds like it is going to be a VERY popular event.

We all had an enormous amount of fun, and the fact the we all might have indulged in more than our fair share of samples from the chocolate stall just next to us, didn’t stop us giving it our all when we got back in the rehearsal room the next night!

Don’t forget, tickets are sale now for Abigail’s Party and can be ordered hereIt’s probably best to get them now, because I have a feeling that they will soon start flying out of the door!

Thanks for reading,

Team BALP at the Thorpe Hesley Trinity Community Centre Spring Fayre
Here we are, Team BALP, ready for the doors to open on May Day at the Thorpe Hesley Trinity Community Centre Spring Fayre



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